Sunday, October 18, 2009

Good Start No Fluke

Yet another win for the rolling Blue Jackets as they down the Kings 4-1 in Columbus. Goals by Chimera, Torres (power play), Nash and Voracek (empty net). The old adage about hot goaltending being key is a wise (and easy) bit of analysis, but it does not completely explain the team's success. A quick look at the penalty killing unit is telling. Here's how the opponents have fared with a power play against the Jackets:

0-5 Los Angeles
0-1 Calgary
0-6 Phoenix
0-4 San Jose
0-3 Vancouver

Hot goaltending and good penalty killing, though obviously related, are not exclusively the result of only strong play by Mason. Let's hope the trend continues. If so, the push to the playoffs will not be as nerve-racking this year.

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