Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Lockout Seems to Near Its End and Roenick Loses His Mind

Just when the apathy had grown fat on the former fanbase of the NHL, we get a hero who braved the growing calm before a bitter business war could finally end and dared to reignite the hatred of the fans. You know, the folks who made the owners and players wealthy. Right, we the suckers.

We'll call this hilarious lapse of reason "Example #375." Once again the truth that is evident is demonstrated by the NHL and its foes/partners-in-stupidity/players. That is, neither party has nary a clue about anything ressembling positive public opinion. Stepping up to the podium is NHL veteran and rocket scientist Jeremy Roenick.

Last Saturday in Pittsburgh at the Mario Lemieux Celebrity Invitational, Roenick issued the following remarks: "We're going to try to make it better for everybody, period, end of subject. And if you don't realize that, then don't come. We don't want you at the rink, we don't want you in the stadium, we don't want you to watch hockey,"

I imagine that Roenick will be flogged in private by the union for helping make NHL players less popular than car salesmen, politicians, and even that annoying guy from the ubiquitous Verizon commercials.

The fans will be cheesed off, Jeremy. Cheesed off for a good long while.

Apparently Roenick doesn't realize that the fans made him and his buddies millionaires. Tickets, beer, food, jerseys. Sounding familiar? And if they don't come back to the rink, then you and your pals will have to get regular jobs. Gasp! You might even make less money than... girls hold onto your boyfriends as no one will believe this one... a teacher, fireman or police officer! Gasp! The horror!

Can you hear me now, Jeremy?