Saturday, February 19, 2011


"Big" road win in Chicago as a team record for consecutive road wins is set at 6. After the game Chicago and Columbus have the same record: 29 W, 23 L, OTL 6. cynicism runs deep so I cannot shake the feeling that the champs are winning the tie, so to speak. A peek at the second level stats reveal my concern. Despite the tie in points after 58 games, Chicago have a big lead in goals for with 183-159. The Blackhawks also lead in goals against 174-164. Columbus goals by Calvert, Vermette, Stralman and MacKenzie. Chicago goals by Sharp (2) and Kane. Toews added two assists. Come stretch time, who would you rather have? Enough said.

It's undeniable that the team is playing better right now, but the history of this season tells us that the other side of the hill is coming. Downward again? Only time will tell. Still less than sanguine about the offense, but it's good to see wins.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Captain

It was one of those games in which Nash asserted himself and carried the team to a win. On a night that marked the first game of the return of Forsberg, it was the Jackets captain who dominated play. After an Umberger turnover led to the opening goal for Colorado, Voracek's beautiful stop and pass to a steep angle shot for Nash led to the first goal. Later in the second period Nash stripped the puck from a defender and slipped a pass to Brassard who scored fronearly as steep an angle, though from the right, off-wing side. An empty-netter capped the win for a very solid Garon.

Forsberg was not much of a factor though his nifty feathered pass that led to an excellent scoring chance, foiled by Garon, gave a bit of a hint that the hands are still there. I like the way he plays so good luck to him in his attempt to stay healthy.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

How the NHL is broken, example 537

Taking a deep breath before starting this post... As many Jackets fans know by now, Matt Cooke hit Fedor Tyutin from behind into the glass. The play was as plainly dirty as can be. We can only be grateful that somehow Tyutin wasn't injured. Cooke gets penalized and later suspended by the league for a paltry 4 games. Not a problem, he's done it before and he'll do it again.

That's the life in the NHL and it will remain that way until The Count and his minions get serious about cleaning up the game. Apparently no one is afraid of 4 days off during a long season. Make it 10 and let's see if there is actually a deterrent created. If not, make it 20.

Idiot Pittsburgh coach Blysma, “The player looks him right in the eye and knows he’s coming and makes sure he keeps his numbers turned towards him, but Matt does hit him there and send him into the boards.” How do these words come out of his mouth without his brain stopping them? Isn't he the coach of the injured Sidney Crosby? Somehow Cooke is exonerated because Tyutin may have seen him? The onus was on Cooke and he ran Tyutin in attempt to plaster him, leaping into the defenseman's back and earning that 5 minute charging major. This hit was completely avoidable... if Cooke had respect for other players. Clearly, he respects no one.

Blysma quote from the Sporting News

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Rare Win in Detroit

Steve Mason stops all shots to earn not only the first Blue Jacket shutout in Detroit, but the first win there in two years. Huslieus is a healthy scratch and his replacement earned an assist on Vermette's goal by slipping him a nifty pass for the one-timer blast. You can't stop him; you can only contain him: Boll gets his sixth goal of the season.

Coach Arniel said it best, "But for us now, it's about putting runs together. [Mason]'s a guy who, along with some other guys, needs to do just that." Dispatch

The hard-fought victory is meaningless if a lackluster performance follows tonight in Edmonton. The season's story has been to fall down at each opportunity to build momentum. We'll see what happens when they play the worst team, by point total, in the league.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Post-break Start

The offense scores four goals and the team loses by 3 at home. Defense was asleep for both Chicago and Columbus, but the Hawks will win the battle of offenses every time. They travel to Detroit on Friday. Good luck with that. I hate to be so pessimistic, but when you get lemons make lemonade. Now if only there were some sugar around...