Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Comings and Goings... for the better

I'll admit up front that I simply do not like Alexander Svitov as a player. He seemed to lack the edge that is needed to play in the NHL. Last season was filled with talk of his potential. Well, now he has chosen to fulfill his potential in Russia. Despite being under a fresh month-old contract with Columbus, he signed and left for Europe. Good.

Better: the signing of Michael Peca. A tough, defensive thinking veteran, he has made it to the Stanley Cup final twice. He brings the edge that Svitov lacks and the defense that nearly all Blue Jacket forwards lack. Rick Nash will have a model to watch in his attempt to shed the deserved tag of one-way player. Thanks to the Rangers for dragging their feet! The 33 year old forward signed only a one year deal, but he should become a fan favorite in his (likely) brief stint in Columbus.