Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tough Preseason Continues

Just saw the video of the ugly fall that Tom Sestito had at the end of his fight with Nashville's Jordan Tootoo. The league has to crack down on the chinstraps to try to prevent injuries like this one. Ten staples needed to close the gash on the back of his head. The video shows his helmet easily pop off when trying to duck under Tootoo's arm.

Add this injury to hard luck Fredrik Modin and the preseason is looking grim. Modin's right knee collided with that of a teammate and now he's out 6-8 weeks. Modin cannot seem to catch a break over the last few seasons.

Quote from Chimera abut the questionable hit that planted him face first into the glass: "(Belanger) said he’s never done that before, that he’s had only one 5-minute major (for elbowing), but the same is true if you shoot somebody. You only have to shoot somebody once to be dirty. It’s a dirty hit and there’s no need for it. My back was turned the whole way." It should be noted that Chimera's chinstrap was also loose.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Chimera Injured; Vermette's Contract Extension

Last night Jason Chimera was checked from behind and landed face first into the boards. Before being taken off on a cart, he was down for five minutes, though he gave the two thumbs up signal to the crowd before leaving the ice. This game was not broadcasted so I have not seen a replay. The league has been cracking down on these checks. Admittedly there is some gray area involved since players can make a sudden turn before being hit. Responding to a question about whether the hit was clean or not Rick Nash was quoted as saying, "From my view, it looked like he just had no chance to protect himself... But I don’t know, I need to see the replay and judge from that." Let's hope Chimera, who battled injuries last season, comes back soon.

Howson signed Antoine Vermette to a five-year contract extension through the 2014-15 season. Vermette was instrumental in the playoff push by the team last year. The CBC reported the contract is $18.75 million over the five years, making Vermette under pressure to deliver solid seasons to justify those numbers. A speedy hard-playing player, he seemed to inject energy into the team. Let's hope he can take that great end to last season and extend it over a whole year.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Brassard Gets Contract Extension

Despite the injured-shortened season Derick Brassard was given a contract extension through 2013-2014. Brassard was on his way to a great season when a separated shoulder ended his campaign. In 31 games Brassard had 25 points including 10 goals. His spark brought encouragement for eth future. Little did we know how missed that spark would be come playoff time. The large expanse that separates the Red Wings and the Blue Jackets can be reduced a bit by a healthy Brassard. Good signing at a (relatively) reasonable cost: an annual salary cap hit of $3.2 million. If teh potential shown last season is fulfilled, Howson got a bargain.