Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Better than Nothing

The all-star game in Columbus? Nice, but I'd rather be hosting a Cup final game any day. I know... when Hell freezes over. Jeff Carter watch is officially on. Who will take the contract? Sad to say that speculation on future games is all that matters at this point. I declare this season dead to me. RIP 2011-2012 and good riddance.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Dog Days

As we enter the playing-out-the-string period of the season for bad hockey teams and as if on cue, Jeff Carter earns a trip to the IR with a separated shoulder. Welcome to the hell that is all things Blue Jackets, Mr. Carter. Add that the normally very durable R.J. Umberger is concussed, and the table is set for the long, slow stumble to the draft. Arniel is gone and Todd Richards is in. Good luck, Todd... you'll need it.

Oh yeah, they beat the NHL-owned Coyotes 4-3. Whee!

Monday, January 09, 2012

Too Late

A day after yet another shellacking, this time at the hands of the Kings, the coach lost his job. I suppose there's no point in firing the general manager in the middle of the season, but I would make an exception here. Howson needs to go, and he needs to go now. There's no analysis of the team's situation that doesn't start with a Howson blunder. The irony of St. Louis sitting at the fourth slot in the conference with Hitch at the helm apparently is lost on the Columbus brain trust.

This post seems appropriate to unearth.