Sunday, October 25, 2009

Competitive Week

The Jackets end the week 1-2, but each game was entertaining for fans and they have withstood an early western road swing. After back-to-back losses at Calgary and Edmonton, teh Jackets defeated the Ducks in Anaheim 6-4. It's fun to prepare to watch each game with a sense that they will win. So this is how Detroit fans feel... feels good.

In Anaheim the team continued to puck the puck in the net at a much improved rate over last year. Antoine Vermette had a goal and two assists and continues to play up to his off-season contract that was derided by many pundits. Nash had two goals (one empty netter) as did Voracek, Teh team did allow two power play goals, the first such goals allowed in weeks.

First week in hockey season that I did not see a single game on live TV. I watched everything from saved files from my EyeTV. If you own a Mac, Google elgato eyetv for more information; if a PC user, then it's like a hauppage card; if a Linux user, you know about all options already, you clever devils (c:

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