Wednesday, February 09, 2011

How the NHL is broken, example 537

Taking a deep breath before starting this post... As many Jackets fans know by now, Matt Cooke hit Fedor Tyutin from behind into the glass. The play was as plainly dirty as can be. We can only be grateful that somehow Tyutin wasn't injured. Cooke gets penalized and later suspended by the league for a paltry 4 games. Not a problem, he's done it before and he'll do it again.

That's the life in the NHL and it will remain that way until The Count and his minions get serious about cleaning up the game. Apparently no one is afraid of 4 days off during a long season. Make it 10 and let's see if there is actually a deterrent created. If not, make it 20.

Idiot Pittsburgh coach Blysma, “The player looks him right in the eye and knows he’s coming and makes sure he keeps his numbers turned towards him, but Matt does hit him there and send him into the boards.” How do these words come out of his mouth without his brain stopping them? Isn't he the coach of the injured Sidney Crosby? Somehow Cooke is exonerated because Tyutin may have seen him? The onus was on Cooke and he ran Tyutin in attempt to plaster him, leaping into the defenseman's back and earning that 5 minute charging major. This hit was completely avoidable... if Cooke had respect for other players. Clearly, he respects no one.

Blysma quote from the Sporting News

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