Monday, March 02, 2009

Tough Western Trip Ends

If the Blue Jackets wanted a measuring stick for their road ahead, then the recent road trip out west gave them the answer - the offense needs to get better or they will miss the playoffs. Good goaltending alone cannot get them into the playoffs. On Sunday night the Vancouver stopper Roberto Luongo was a bit better than Mason and had the advantage of only seeing 20 shots on goal in the Vancouver 3-1 victory. The playoffs and the chase for a spot are based on a simple formula: limited scoring opportunities against an excellent goalie means a loss. Mason's margin of error is too low right now with the offense sleeping. Vancouver is getting by with scoring from the Sedins and Sundin. Nash alone is not enough.

Misc: Nash had the ony goal for Columbus, but he was also in the penalty box for the first two Canuck goals. Peca left during the first period and did not return. The game was shown on Yahoo - stream worked perfectly for me and was a lucky bonus since Cox Cable showed the Cavs game instead of the Jackets game. It would be great if they showed replays of games later in the night for preempted games, but they don't...

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