Thursday, February 19, 2009

Shootout Win in Toronto

Mason versus Pogge in a nice young goalie matchup ends for the Jackets due to a fluke goal during the shootout. Call him clever like Inspector Clouseau, in the shootout Jason Williams tried to deke the young Toronto goalie. A good plan, but Williams fanned on the puck. Luckily for the Jackets, the missed puck went five hole. Regulation goals by the guys who are shaping up as the team money players: Umberger, Nash (also found the net in the shootout) and Huselius.

Two goals from Maple Leaf winger Nik Antropov who was called out by GM Brian Burke last week. Was he trying to impress potential trade deadline suitors in Columbus?


  1. Anonymous11:19 PM

    About Williams's goal. The guys at Blue Jackets Live after the game interviewed Williams. He says he planned that shot that way, he said it's a risky move but he's done it in the past and showed it to the Jackets [he thinks] the first day he was in town to practice with them. They've definitely seen it before.

    Coach Hitchcock was asked about the goal and he said Williams called that shot before he left the bench. I'm still looking for a good replay to watch cause if these claims are true that's one hell of a move.

  2. During a radio show podcast of Hockeycentral at Noon, I heard the same comment from Nick Kypreos, who said he tracked down Williams to ask him about the goal. You can do some goofy things when 1. you have a hot goalie on your team 2. Rick Nash shoots after you. Having said all that seems a bit like BS to me but hey, the puck crossed the line and that's what counts,