Tuesday, January 20, 2009

All Star Break for Mason

After the major snub of not picking the league leader in goals-against and shutouts for the main event, the team has wisely decided to rest their young goalie and hold Steve Mason out of the Young Stars game scheduled for All Star weekend. It's hard to understand the logic behind criticism of this decision since the team announced this week that Pascal Leclaire is out for the rest of the season after ankle surgery. It appears to be sound judgment to rest the rookie goalie who is now forced to carry the team for the rest of the year given that he has had some back issues in the first half.

Last week the Jackets picked up goalie Wade Dubielewicz off waivers. With the backup now a cast-off from the New York Islanders, I think Mason should enjoy the All Star game from his couch. He has earned the rest.

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