Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Calgary 1 Columbus 0

Exciting game on the road against Calgary. Battle of the goalies: Leclaire versus Kiprusoff. Weak blocker side goal on a broken play gives the Flames the first goal of the game, netted early in the third period. Kippy played spectacularly, capping off the night by stoning Hainsey right in front of the net with just a minute left to cap a great evening. More scoring chances for Columbus than Calgary, but the one goal stood up. Hard not to like the Flames and their hard-nosed style.

Hard not to like Andrew Murray: a hard-playing scrapper with good energy. Murray, Chimera, Fritche and Boll make it a chore to play the Jackets.

The league worrying abut scoring should have seen this game: spirited and physical play. No goals did not mean a dull game. But what do I know? I just like hockey. Why cater to me?

The Jackets have now gone 0-26 in 8 games on the power play. You won't win many games on the road with that stat.

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