Saturday, February 16, 2008

Helter Skelter

So which team will it be tonight? The Bad Jackets, losers of 6 of 7 and skidding during a playoff run, or the Good Jackets? Well tonight it was the latter as the team pummeled the Detroit Red Wings 5-1. To add to the shock of that final score is that the game was in Detroit. A road win in Detroit? Hardly imaginable considering the protracted slump that had gripped the Blue Jackets.

Buyers or sellers? What will Howson do as the trade deadline nears? Keep Foote, add a player and try to get into the playoffs for the first time in franchise history? Or will he try to fleece a team looking to advance deep into the playoffs who could use a tough veteran front-liner like Michael Peca or a top notch blue line stalwart like Foote? It's a tough call, but that's why they pay him the big bucks. I know that the Columbus fans hunger to see a playoff game. At the same time is it in the best long-term interest of the team to keep Foote when his contract will expire at season's end?

I imagine Toronto fans are thinking the same things about their star Mats Sundin. Hard to imagine either team going far into the playoffs. Sundin's lack of interest to move and the failure of the Maple Leafs to move up in the standings might remove their problem, but Howson's conundrum remains.

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