Friday, January 04, 2008

Jackets 4 Kings 3

I finally got a chance to see this one from tape (well, from hard drive but you know what I mean). A solid road victory for the scrappy Blue Jackets. I have to give the Kings some credit for playing hard and laying some hard hits. Despite its top players being silent, the muckers earned this victory for Columbus. Michael Peca had two goals, Boll and Hejda had two assists each and Lindstrom had a goal and an assist. It was great to see Boll and Chimera grind out those two goals and Federov getting a classic Sergie snapper from teh slot off a quick pass by Lindstrom.

Despite all of this hard work, it came down to goalies. Simply put, Norrena had to make more saves than opponent and he did. The Kings swarmed at times but could never grab a lead because Norrena made the big stops when it was crunch time.

Where would the Jackets be without Jan Hejda? Wow, he has been a great addition to the team. A solid blue-liner who has made a real difference. Give GM Howson some credit for giving a two year deal last summer to this young defenseman.

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